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Ray Whitson

“Obviously an experienced perspective on topic, presented with a clear message.  This was a fresh and energetic session- very good presenter.”

Ray Whitson,
The Holmstad

Diane Z.

“The depth of knowledge in the keynote session was impressive and the demonstrated results were beyond high expectations.”

Templeten S.

“This presentation had a clear purpose- give information packed with high energy through a professional presentation to grow everyone as better leaders.” 

Melissa O’Hara

“Elite's understanding of our industry, ability to comment to the level of detail we expect and provide constructive suggestions on how to improve has been far superior to all of the other sales consultants we have ever used.”

Melissa O'Hara
Primrose Retirement Communities

Robin H.

“I want to once again say a huge THANK YOU! You have given me the tools to be successful and a new confidence in my abilities that I definitely have going into my new position! I feel very fortunate to have had such a wonderful coach and to have been able to learn from you this past year.”

Dan Ogus

"Elite has done an outstanding job of working collaboratively with corporate and community leadership to improve our sales systems, raise the level of training and generally help us lay the foundation for a higher-performing sales culture at"

Dan Ogus, COO