The “build it, they will come” mentality is a dangerous one to have. Baby boomers have higher than ever expectations of what senior living must offer in order for them to consider it. As this continues, senior living providers that are waiting for the influx of seniors may be falling short in strategies that have the ability to keep lead generation moving full steam ahead.

One common challenge I realized in working with clients in the past several weeks is that digital

marketing strategies created at the home office level are often a blanket of strategies and tactics used for all communities within the portfolio. One of the primary challenges with a one size fits all marketing strategy is that it doesn’t take into consideration that different markets may respond differently to different marketing tactics. For example, some markets may respond well to digital strategies that take into consideration strong organic SEO, Google advertising, or Facebook targeting campaigns, while other markets may respond better to direct mail pieces coupled with a strong consumer education event campaign or content that drives your ideal target audience back to your content-centric website.

With 2017 right around the corner, now is a great time to begin your strategic planning. Here are three steps to get you jump started:

Marketing Strategy Planning for 2017

1) Identify areas of opportunity in sales and marketing alignment. Is your organization tracking the right data to assess how marketing affects sales and sales affect marketing?

2) Assess all of your markets, looking for variations in the results your marketing strategies have produced.

3) Review your buyer personas and make adjustments as needed. If a market isn’t responding to a particular marketing tactic, but your targeted persona is the same as in other markets, you may need to revisit your personas and adjust your personas based on the changing needs within various markets you work with.

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