I was recently discussing challenges with a client regarding increasing their senior living occupancy.  Interested to know what statistics support the challenges seen by others who manage a sales operation, I came across this Salesforce blog, “10 Things Every Sales Manager Should Know about Sales Performance,” and three statistics stood out to me.  Not only did they stand out to me, but they reinforced areas I have seen be challenging for many senior living providers.  Let’s take a look:

3 Sales Roadblocks That Create Occupancy Challenges

1) 40% of sales people can’t understand customer pain.  When a problem arises, instead of seeking to fully understand the problem, 4 out of 6 sales reps will attempt to identify a solution as quickly as possible, often missing the mark and driving the customer further away from making a decision.

2) Almost ½ of all sales teams are missing a sales playbook.  A sales playbook is the how-to guide of best practices that covers an array of challenging situations one can encounter when working with prospects.  For example, is there a clearly defined process for attempting to re-convert an inquirer who called, but wasn’t ready to schedule a tour the first time they spoke with a sales person?  Is there a clearly defined process for post-event follow up that maximizes the likelihood a sales person will secure a tour after a prospect has attended an event?

3) Only 52% of sales people can access key players.  Key players expand beyond just the decision maker(s).  For example, when selling a memory care community, the parent (although affected by some diagnosis that prevents them from being a decision maker) is often times a key player.  Loved ones seek the approval of their parent regardless of their cognitive abilities.  However, when asked to schedule a home visit, most sales reps are hesitant to do so out of fear that it is invasive.  The fact of the matter is that unless you can prove to the decision makers that you and your team have the ability to make mom or dad feel at home, you are very unlikely to get the sale.  So the question changes: when they won’t come to you, will you go to them?

Auditing and assessing your current sales operation is a great place to start when troubleshooting occupancy challenges.  Not sure where to start?  Schedule a 30 minute complimentary strategy session with Elite today to learn more about an Inbound Sales Audit.