Our Team

Michelle Nessman

In 2014, after having been a sales consultant for nearly a decade, Michelle Nessman founded Elite Business Systems.  Originally a sales consulting agency, the disconnect between sales operations and marketing departments became increasingly challenging as online became a primary source of research for prospects.  Determined to find an alternative to interuptive marketing tactics, Michelle expanded her services to include Inbound marketing, a methodology that complimented the insightful sales consulting she had practiced for years.  With a committment to help organizations improve sales and marketing alignment, as well as increase lead generation and sales, Elite, a full funnel sales and marketing agency, now offers sales consulting, as well as inbound marketing and content marketing support for its clients.

Kristy Fyhrie

As a Creative Writer at Elite, Kristy specializes in creation of buyer personas, writing eBooks, blog articles and website copy, and optimization of content based on targeted keyword strategies.  Kristy has an Associates Degree in Business Management, Marketing and Sales, and Fashion Management.

Jordan Anderson

As a Web and Graphic Designer at Elite, Jordan specializes in creation of print and digital design work such as banner ads, infographics, cinemagraphs, website design and other forms of visual content.  Jordan has a Bachelor’s of Science in Advertising. 

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